Friday, 10 August 2007

Not Just Lace... Well Today Anyway

These seem to have been on the go awhile now so I was quite relieved when I finished them last night.... they're Opal Hunderwasser "Der Blaue Mond" and they're actually for me :) It'll be a bit before I get a chance to knit myself another pair as I'm starting to plan Christmas socks and I have a pair of knee length socks to knit for a friend in a size 10!!! so I'm going to use the opportunity to have a go at a toe-up pair of socks as featured in IK Summer 07

On another, completely out of the blue front Gilraen nominated me as one of her "Rockin Girl Blogger" nominees for my "lace knitting, extraordinary level!!" I am honoured that you think I am worthy Gilraen of such an accolade. Thank you very much.

I have to say though that my awards for Rockin Girl Bloggers have to go to some serious lace knitters. The following people really do inspire me with their lace knitting exploits, their encouraging words as well as their time they give up to explain things despite having busy lives. Although they live thousands of miles away they have become kindred spirits and friends, so my nominations are:


fleegle said...

It may not be lace, but those socks are stunning!

I am incredibly flattered by your award! Thanks so much! Harry immediately made himself a glitter-studded plaque from the Web button and plastered it front and center on his karaoke machine. He is currently caressing the button as he belts out "Winner Takes All." Not pretty.

Unfortunately, he's now eyeing that hot pink as a potential yarn choice.

gilraen said...

You deserve it Littleberry :)

Thsoe socks look 'kewl' :)

Soo said...

Great choices LittleBerry - I've just added all of them to my reading list!

As you say, beautiful, inspiring stuff.

fleegle said...

What I didn't say on the blog was that I was really annoyed at the lack of taste shown by the dyers. Especially the famous ones. I once made a pair of socks with Fleece Artist and they were so ugly I gave them away. Expensive, too.

fleegle said...

Yarn Yard's lace yarn is lovely...but seems to come in only pale pink, blue, and lavender. Not in the mood right now, but later!

Check out the Yarn Chef on Etsy, too. Her stuff is beautiful!

missalicefaye said...

Aw, thanks for the award!

You're quite generous, as anyone with a size 10 foot would be lucky to get anklets from me.... :)