Wednesday, 6 June 2007

WARNING - Gratuitous Knitting Pron

I have only just calmed down, I have been immersing myself in Knit Picks goodies kindly forwarded on by the lovely Lindsey. I am just ravelling in the colours and the quality of the yarn and the other bits and pieces I purchased....

6 Skeins of 'bare' Merino Laceweight

Laceweight shade cards

Options Kit + ID tags + 40" & 47" cable + 9mm points & a 2mm 32" Classic circ - The kit was my birthday kit from DH and most definitely worth the wait :o)

And now for the serious yarn pron....

3 skeins each of (from left to right, top to bottom)

Shadow (Sunset) & Gossamer (Leprechaun)

Shimmer (Maple Leaf), Shadow (Campfire) & Alpaca Cloud (Tide Pool)

My favourite yarn to squeeze has to be the Shimmer, I love all the colours but I think my absolute favourite is the Maple leaf or the Tide Pool or even Sunset \o/


Anni said...

Gorgeous yarns and I'd love some of those needles.

Viknits said...

I'm drooling buckets here! That yarn is beautiful! What projects do you have planned for it? Is the bare laceweight for dying? *drooldrooldrool*