Monday, 25 June 2007

How important can a ; be?

I am now just over halfway through the body of the shawl and I didn't even know it!!!!

I started on the last 4 repeats of the pattern list yesterday (pattern I) thinking get these 4 done and I'm halfway... put the flags up it's all downhill after that point so to speak...

I managed to do two repeats of the pattern last night. I don't know why but I went and googled other finished shawls this morning and noticed that the pattern repeats didn't seem to be as large on other people's shawls as I thought they would be. I studied the book again thought about it and then passed it to DH:

12-row repeat of Chart I four times - center pattern of shawl; mark and work preceding charts in reverse prder for the second half of the shawl.

who'd have thought that a ; could be so important? so when I finished knitting last night I was actually halfway through.

Anyway plenty of rain today so hopefully plenty of knitting today. Photos of progress in next post.

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