Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Eye Candy

Yarnplayer updated her shop last Wednesday... who am I to refuse her offerings... Have to say can't get over the USPS & Royal Mail when posted on 22nd September the postman handed over the goodies this morning (27th)

From top to bottom in size #20: Knitty Gritty, Solid Gold, Sugar Maple, Solid Green & A Leaf Falls
carrying on down from there in size #10: Stardate, Sugar Maple & A Leaf Falls

No projects in mind but the size #10 will probably be used for motifs on my little pots as the size allows to do a reasonbly small, uncomplicated motif which will when embellished nicely fill the lid.

I also received in the post last week my first purchase from Krystledawne a trio threads entitled 'Vineyard at Dusk' which consists of the variegated 'Vineyard at Dusk' and two solids 'Light Withered Vine' & 'Twilight Grape'

And last but not least I plunged and bought a 'pimped' shuttle from La Cossette - well could I resist with a shuttle called 'Autumn Berries' and looks like this ;o)


fleegle said...

What gorgeous yarn! And that tatting shuttle! It's amazing! Nice haul :)

Heather of Tatted Treasures said...

That shuttle is perfect for you! :) The HDT is also gorgeous. I love yarnplayer's colors so much.

franney said...

Oh my goodness, i am just catching up with your blog, what beautiful work, i am in awe of your tatting skills!!

yarnplayer said...

Those shuttles are truly beautiful! I have one of La Cossette's shuttles too, and I enjoy using it.


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