Saturday, 22 May 2010

What I did at Christmas...

that, and it's about time I did another blog post ;o)

I know Christmas is a long time since well 5 months to be exact, but it's when I started crocheting - seriously anyway. Apart from the odd shawl and some socks, that's all I've been doing and done.

I've enjoyed the spontineity of it, the speed at which things evolve and it makes me use colours I normally wouldn't....

With doing the shawl for presents I didn't think my friends were going to get anything handmade for Christmas but I decide that I could manage the odd potholder.... I think I ended up making 12...

I think apart from the Cupcake potholder one of my favourites is the top right which came from a book called Crochet Things bought for me by my mother For Christmas 1980 with the inscription:
Needless to say my maternal grandmother was an exceptional crocheter....
Persevere Ann, and you will be as good as your Grandma Miller was with her crochet work.
Now as the potholders worked up so quickly I decided I could add something else to go with the potholders, what else would be quick? Mmmm a Tawashi... I've made these before using Patons FAB DK and though it may seem a strange gift to give, everyone who's had one wnats another as they really are very good at getting the pots clean. My favourite pattern I go back to time and time again is a free one from Pierrot Yarns

So by this time it's still mid November and I'm thinking what about a crochet gift box with a selection of thingsin for my friends??? In the end everyone ended up with a tawashi and potholder, 2 small items and one larger one... not bad for someone who didn't have time to make anything for Christmas this year!

So rather than have a picture heavy post and I get fed up of uploading photos.. here's some mosaic's

Lavender Sachets

Pincushions & More Tawashi

Other Items
oven mitts, duster mitt, brooch, brooch
potholder, brooch, doily, doily
doily, Milk Jug cover, Milk jug cover, Milk Jug cover

all these projects can be found on my projects page on Ravelry should you wish to know were the patterns are from and what yarns were used.....

Well that's it for now before I get fed up of linking all these photos that or I loose the post!


fleegle said...

They are all adorable...and I am glad you got them up before next Christmas~

Soo said...

It's hard to remember Christmas on this scorching sunny Sunday!!!

What great crochet projects. I love the cupcake potholder in particular.

Lisa said...

They are all lovely, but I especially love the pincushions.

fleegle said...

You are quite welcome--I love to see new and useful programs. There's not much innovation anymore, it seems.