Friday, 19 December 2008

Were I'm at...

Well officially I've finished my Christmas Knitting - officially that is...

I completed the last pair of socks on Wednesday which are for SIL and I also completed the slipper socks last weekend, but as yet the soles haven't come so I can't stitch socks to the soles :o(

I have also finished another knitted project I was working on but the person who is to receive it reads this blog, so photos will have to wait until after Christmas!!!

I said I'd officially finished my Christmas Knitting but I ended up starting this on Tuesday

It's Evelyn Clarks 'Flower Basket'. I've had the pattern years and never done it... the yarn is my own hand spun which I did earlier this year; it's South African Fine by Spunky Eclectic in Joshua Tree

This all arose after an email conversation between me and my friend Mike (the one huddled under the shawls in the last post) last Saturday in which the conversation went something like this
Mike: Do you have anything in the shop I can buy for my Mum for Christmas?
Me: Well the odd embroidery kit but after having shingles in her eyes this year I don't think
she'll be up to it..
Mike: Oh...
a little bit of quick thinking and project calculating on my part
Me: Would you like to knit a shawl for her for you?
Mike: Have you got time?
Me: I think I can manage it, but will have to be my choice of pattern & yarn?
Mike: OK, thank you...
Hence I'm now knitting a shawl... it's grown a lot since then and I'm actually on the 12th repeat at the moment; somewhere heading towards 315sts as I've plenty of yarn left I think I'll do a couple of extra repeats and try and use as much of the yarn as possible :o)

On the spinning front I've completed Rhubarb which is also a Christmas present...

Fibre (superwash corriedale) originally from Spunky Eclectic which is a traditional 3ply and coming out a respectable 406m / 112g

Am currently about to go and ply Lime Fire after finishing my coffee....

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fleegle said...

Those socks look almost edible! What fantastic yar. But of course, not anywhere near as nice as your own handspun :)